Wednesday, June 6, 2007

My new favorite cleanser

Garnier's cleanser line came out here in January. I had looked at them a lot but never tried any.

I finally tried the Nutri Pure Detoxifying Cream Cleanser this week. I love it. I am often searching for a great cleanser, and not finding them . I try a lot, and then try more.

The Garnier cream cleanser really gets the makeup off. It is very thick and you only need a little. It is very soft and it smells great. Really great, like Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea Fragrance.

The cleanser does have Green leaf extract, as well as Vitamins E, B5, and Grape Extract. All to help the skin.

Skin feels very soft after cleansing and in this weather, I need no moisturizer after. In winter, this would be even better.

I have my eye on the gel version of this, and may try that, but I will return to this cleanser. I am as impressed with a cleanser as I have been in a while. The last was DDF Glycolic cleanser, which I loved, but I really didn't like the 25.00 price tag. I prefer to spend less on cleanser if I can.

The Garnier Cleansers retail at 5.99 and CVS will have them next week at 4.99

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