Thursday, January 30, 2014

Reading - Linda Ronstadt Simple Dreams, A Musical Memoir

As a more than avid reader, I thought why not  work in a little book talk now and then. It's not usually beauty related but it sure is a topic I love .

I read constantly so once in awhile a new post might just pop up under the "Reading" headline. Feel free to weigh in if you've read or are reading the same book or have suggestions.

As a  huge music fan  since I could toddle , as well as a reader, rock autobiographies rank high on the book list and I just finished up Linda Ronstadt 's Simple Dreams, A Musical Memoir .

Linda has said she had no interest in a kiss and tell, so this doesn't go there. It's about her musical life, her influences, her songs and her voice. This is a woman in service to that voice, always trying to get better, reach higher , learn more. It wasn't about fame for her so much as simply being able to sing.  I would have loved her to be a little  more personal, but she seems a very private person so this is what we got and it was still an enjoyable read.

Not that there isn't namedropping. The Eagles ultimately came about due to her and she worked with or knew many of the eras heavy hitters.

It's hard to overstate just how huge Ronstadt was in the '70s thru the '80s. I was very young when I first started listening but I remember her songs and photo being everywhere.  The Mom and I listened to Blue Bayou over and over . She was possibly the biggest female singer at the time and with her much gossiped about relationship with then ( and current) California governor Jerry Brown, that era's Brangelina.

A real voice who could rock or croon she pulled an amazing second act partnering with Nelson Riddle to do the standards .  Then there was Trio with Dolly Parton and Emmylou Harris. Neither of those was something musically I was into at the time, but I appreciated the talent  and the success.

She's had an amazingly versatile and long career and I am pretty sure for a good many of us her songs are part of the soundtrack of our lives. Linda is finally getting inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame this year. Sadly she now has Parkinson's and can no longer sing.

If rock autobios are your thing I can also recommend ones by Eric Clapton, John Taylor of Duran Duran, Rod Stewart, Heart and Pat Benatar . Clapton's especially tells the history of rock in the UK and is a fast paced read.  Heart and Benatar make us appreciate what they went through paving the way for today's female rockers when they worked hard to be about the music and not just a sex object.


grlnxdor said...

I've always LOVED Linda's voice, her songs, her round eyes and her little nose--her facial features are not unlike me own! Sad to hear that she has Parkinsons.

Anonymous said...

Dig Linda. The most gorgeous voice and great bangs. Her memoir is a delight.

Beauty Alchemist said...

Thanks for stopping by grinxdor and anon.

Yes Linda does have great eyes and bangs. She still wears the bangs .

Glad others are enjoying her memoir too.