Monday, February 3, 2014

Clinique Super Defense Age Defense Eye Cream SPF 20

One of the best things about this new eye cream is right there in the name - SPF 20. Yes, an eye cream with SPF. Physical SPF.  Earlier this year I compared finding eye cream with SPF to finding a unicorn in the wild , it's that unusual. Thankfully brands seem to be noticing .

It's still not a loaded category but I'll gladly take this  new one from Clinique. With Super Defense Age Defense you  get creamy moisture from shea and murumuru butters that manages to not be too heavy for day wear, caffeine, algae extract and repairing enzymes and extracts for anti-aging help.

Titanium dioxide 5.6% and zinc oxide 3.8% make up the SPF.

The cream has an almost undetectable tint to help brighten eyes and sinks in quickly with a lightweight feel.  It's a keeper for daytime eye care.

Clinique Super Defense Age Defense Eye Cream SPF 2 is $ 39.50  and available now.

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