Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Simple Nourishing 24 Hr Day/Night Cream & Ultra Light Hydrating Gel

Simple Skin Care is living up to it's name with two new facial hydrators.

New Nourishing Skin Day & Night Cream and Ultra Light Gel Moisturizer  get the job done without heaviness or fuss .

I'm reminded of a couple years ago when a friend who uses Retin A and Stri Vectin among other anti -agers  was looking for a good moisturizer. Just a moisturizer. Something that would really help her drier skin but that's it .She had anti -aging , wrinkle fighting etc taken care of. I plan to tell her about  Nourishing Day/Night cream because it does just that.

Moisture is an anti -ager of it's own  of course  and Nourishing  24 Hour Day /Night Cream is what I'd call a great  basic. It's adds plenty of moisture using oat kernal oil and shea butter in a light cream that glides on and sinks in super fast. You're ready for bed or makeup application lickety split. Being a day and night cream also means one less jar sitting out .

Ultra Light Hydrating Gel is great for the  oily skinned and when the weather gets warmer and my skins start to head that way , I'll have this ready. It's a  gel with glycerin and vitamin C that imparts just enough moisture to make skin feel softer and taken care of,  but nothing heavy or greasy. This also is for day and night use.

Simple Nourishing 24 HR Day/Night Cream and Ultra Lightweight Hydrating Gel are  $ 10.99 each

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