Monday, February 10, 2014

Neutrogena Nourishing Long Wear Makeup

Neutrogena's newest foundation brings coverage,  skin helping ingredients and the SPF that the brand is known for.

Nourishing Long Wear Makeup has medium , buildable coverage. It leaves  a slightly dewy finish and gives skin a little glow with added brighteners. The nourishing comes from skintone enhancing ingredients like soy and vitamin C that they say will help even tone  with 4 weeks of use. This foundation feels good on skin,  and is lightly moisturizing but oil free. Glycerin  is in there but no heavy moisturizers are.

Natural Ivory 20

The SPF here is broad spectrum titanium dioxide 2.9 %  with an SPF of 20.

While it is called long wear, the wear on me was just ok. I have makeup melt though and my wear can vary wildly from most peoples. I got about 5 hours before it looked a little wilted. I do love the higher SPF here and the skin enhancing finish the foundation gives.

Available now for approx. $ 14.00

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Unknown said...

Nice product..!! I would like to add this product with my favorite revitol skin care kit.