Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Cargo HD Picture Perfect CC Cream


Cargo adds to it's HD line with Picture Perfect CC Cream, not new but new to me and maybe to you.

Cargo Picture Perfect CC is a non tinted CC that comes out of the tube whitish but also has tiny beads of pigment in there. The cream is self adjusting to your skin but also comes in shades.

The self adjusting works just fine. Once smoothed in , the shade I have Medium looked fine on my skin , not dark or too light , barely there really.  

This does instantly smooth and slightly perfect skin. It's  more hydrating than many CCs I've used and while could be for all skin types, those of us with oily skin might not like the  moisture boost in the heat we've been having. It was more than I'd use now, but come colder temps it'll be lovely and  makes a nice makeup base especially for normal to drier skins . Glcyerin and Squalene are among the ingredients.

SPF 20  is both physical and chemical .

Cargo HD Picture Perfect CC Cream is $ 34 and available at Ulta and Cargo in Light, Medium and Medium/Dark.

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