Tuesday, July 28, 2015

YSL Couture Kajal 3 in1 Kohl Eyeliner- Fall 2015

Part two of  a look at YSL Fall is the new Couture Kajal 3 in 1 Kohl Eyeliner . ( Metal Clash Eye Palette here )

I love just looking at these. They are so chic and stylish. Once the lid is off, you get a deep pigmented eyeliner.   Couture Kajal pencils apply smoothly without any tug and can make a thin line or a thicker one or  use as eye shadow.

These are long wear and have done well on me.YSL says up to 12 hour wear. Unless you count the time I tried them , went into the pool in  95 degree temps with blasting humidity.  Don't try that at home.

These are self sharpening and YSL recommends applying with the side to keep the point sharp.  That might be easier said than done, but I love the sharp point so we'll try.

There are four shades, all shown except black ( N°1 Noir Ardent ). There are two blues and a gorg blackened green .

 N°1 Noir Ardent
 N° 2 Bleu Cobalt
 N° 3 Bleu P├ętrole
 N° 4 Vert Anglais

YSL Couture Kajal 3 in 1 Kohl Eyeliner is $ 35

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