Thursday, August 20, 2015

CND Vinyl Lux Weekly Nail Polish

For those hard on their nails , i.e me,   we love the promise of a long wearing nail polish .

I tried  CND Vinyl Lux Weekly Polish recently and put it to the test.

At first application I was a bit worried. The polish seemed a bit streaky but I went on with the second coat and things got a little better. The top coat, no pun intended, sealed the deal as it made the  polish come together and look shiny and fully covered.

And the wear time was really good. I went 5 days before tip wear which I usually end up with pretty quick. By day 6 I had one small chip and things were looking a little ratty .  So I didn't quite get to 7 days but as I mentioned I can be hard on the tips especially and my nails tend to start peeling when polished so that doesn't help.

It's also very fast dry , under 10 minutes. Big bonus.

Overall, I like this and will keep using them. There's a wide shade range ( including that gorg sage which is actually a color I already didn't own) and I didn't have to pay much attention to my nails for 5 days. Not bad.

Shades shown are : Tropix, Sage Scarf, and Desert Poppy.

CND Vinyl Lux Weekly Nail Polish and Top Coat are  $ 10.50 each and there is also an in salon version. At and Ulta 

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