Sunday, August 16, 2015

Narciso Rodriguez L'Absolu For Her

Narciso Rodriguez scents always get a lot of love and are popular. It's deserved as they are well done.  Although until now they've never been a big favorite of mine as I am not into musks or super soft fragrances generally. Nor have I tried all the versions available.

New is Narciso Rodriguez L'Absolu For Her and it grabbed me at first sniff. This is no soft skinscent , it has presence and a slightly old fashioned air to it while being thoroughly modern.

It's deep right off with tuberose but no sweet floral tuberose, the animalic version. Jasmine is also there for some big white flower power and then the sandalwood , amber and  patchouli come in. The woods are strong and make their presence known especially the amber . It ends up having the feel of a chypre which is where my love for it comes from.  At the full drydown it  does end up softer than at first , more subtle but still rich.

L'Absolu For Her  is  a floriental , feminine but not girly scent. Grown ups only here  .

Narciso Rodriguez L'Absolu For Her is $ 96 for 1.6 oz EDP and $ 123 for 3.3 oz EDP.

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