Thursday, November 12, 2015

No Nonsense Fall/Winter 2015 - Seamless and Leggings

I've been exploring the tights/leggings options for winter and am happy to see more than a few good choices available right at the drugstore level .

No Nonsense isn't a hard brand to find, you can grab them right at the drug or grocery store  which is nice considering  their new offerings for colder weather are  good quality at a decent price. It makes for easy ,one stop shopping.

The seamless NO shapewear reminds me of far more pricey brands. The legs have a smooth, flat line and the shaping top is wide and comfortable. Not too tight, you can breathe but it smoothes and pulls in a little. These would add some extra warmth under your clothes as well without a heavy layer as they are lightweight. Shown is the Slip Short which sells for $ 10.

No Nonsense has a wide variety of leggings too, which I didn't realize,  including a ponte  ( $ 16.99) with a front seam and a heavy knit as well as soft cotton rich pair ( $ 13.99) that are soft and opaque .  Sizes here run from S to  XXL, which fits up to a 22 in some styles.

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