Thursday, November 26, 2015

Revlon Brush and Hair Accessories

 While you're put shopping  tomorrow, the weekend, whenever. chances are you'll be looking for a  few quick stocking stuffer type picks . How about some new hair accessories ?

Revlon makes brushes, hair elastics and more at great prices .  And when can't most of us use a new hairbrush ? These new Soothing Sensations have thicker bristles with easy on the hair extra large ball tips. They glide through hair without snagging.

XL Elastics can be used as a headband to hold hair back or triple wind them around a pony or a bun. The smooth fabric/elastic doesn't pull on hair.  I've already given a set of these to a medical assistant friend.

Velvet Headbands  have velvet inside for a soft touch on hair and designs on the other side .They have stay in place no slip material as well.

Retails range from 6.99 for a brush to 3.99 for the elastics. Available at Target and other mass market stores.

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