Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Remington Ultimate Finish Hair Dryer

I've had my Remington T Studio Silk Ceramic hair dryer for over two years now and it's the one I use all the time. I really love it. It still works great but when a new one comes along and promises even faster drying time , I'm happy to try it out. 

With my thick hair , drying takes a while. And I feel pretty sure most everyone would be happy to dry their hair faster. It's not the most fun thing to do , right ?  Well this seems to have done the job. Not lots faster but more than 5 minutes  I'd say. 

This new dryer  has 2x more tourmaline and micro conditioners in it to really reduce frizz as well as being ionic and ceramic.  It's 1875 watts for a lot of power with  three heat and two speed settings and a cool shot button . Best part? It's really lightweight. Compared to my other dryer , what a difference. It's so much more comfortable to hold. 

Overall this is a winner. Fast drying,  no scorching heat even on the hottest setting and lightweight . My only complaint is my fingers kept hitting and changing the heat setting button. It could be a tighter click. 

Remington Ultimate Finish Hair Dryer is $ 24.99 and available at Target.

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