Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Guerlain Météorites Voyage & Meteorites Base- Spring 2015

Meteorites was the fist Guerlain product I ever encountered. Before even I began a love affair with their fragrances.  The multi hued powder in an elegant compact easily caught my attention a few years, ok decades , ago.

New this Spring is  Météorites Voyage. Guerlain calls them  Compacted Pearls of Powder . That sums it up. You get the mosaic of five colors that help to brighten, reduce redness and perfect skin in a beaded top compact that would have been at home on Nora Charles dressing table.

Guerlain  says Météorites " signature Stardust technology transforms the invisible UV light into visible and soft focus perfecting light to fade imperfections and illuminate the face. "

This is a  very light powder, meaning it goes on barely there. It finishes up your look nicely and adds some polish and brightening but subtly. It's not heavy on  and never looks "done".

Also new is a first time Meteorites Primer Base. This time the pearls are suspended in a gel primer. Like the powder this is subtle. It's a lightweight gel that smoothes right on and into skin. It has a small amount of moisture( glycerin is the second ingredient ) but is not a moistuirzier. While Guerlain says it's mattifying and oil absorbing I'm not sure on that. It didn't make me dewy  but I didn't feel it mattified a lot either.  It feels nice on and makes an easy base while also boosting your glow a tiny bit.

Guerlain Météorites  Voyage Compact is $ 179
Guerlain Météorites   Primer is $ 74

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