Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Guerlain Rose Aux Joues Smile Blush- Spring 2016

If you're looking to perk up a Winter pallor, or if you just want a burst of beautiful cheek color, look no further than Guerlain's new for Spring Rose Aux Joues blush duo.  It even says Smile on it and you can't help but do that when you see these sunny colors.

Guerlain has it's elegant , luxe packing on the outside in metallic red and then you get  a blush duo of  coral and light peachy pink.  It's basically an instant wake up.

These shades are beautiful and easy to wear for most I think. They can be blended together or used separately. Either way you'll have a glow. The pigment is medium, it  goes on pretty fully colored with one pass of the brush and blends easily.

Guerlain  Rose Aux Joues Smile Blush is $62 and LE.

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