Sunday, April 16, 2017

It Cosmetics Confidence In Your Glow Blushing Bronzer

Getting your glow on just got easier thanks to It Cosmetics new Confidence In Your Glow Skin Transforming Flush  Blushing Bronzer .

Instant Nude Glow(top), Instant Warm Glow

There are three shades available that go from light to deeper .  So there should be a color for everyone here.

The lightest Instant Nude Glow is pale nudes and a light bronzed brown. This works best for us paler ladies. Instant Warm Glow is peachy and  I can pull this one off too, although when I have a little more color it will be better. Instant Natural Glow leans  pink with it's middle shade and has a deeper bronzer.

Instant Natural Glow

All begin with a shimmery highlighter as the first color. It's not mega shimmer but you will notice it.  The next two shades are more satin/matte and don't have shimmer. Once blended they ( and you) simply look great.

Nude,Warm , Natural

It Cosmetics call these "Skin Transforming" and it's hard to think that of  with a blush/bronzer. I wasn't going for it until I used one. With just a CC base on I gave my face a good going over with Instant Nude Glow and it was a wow. I really didn't need much more makeup ( and that's rarer than a unicorn for me to say). Bright lip balm and mascara seemed good enough. It somehow smoothes and perfects skin while adding color ( it has Vitamin C and peptides ).   Of course having a warm pop of color on didn't hurt either.

It can be hard to use bronzers , I'll be the first to say it. You need a light hand, to blend well and the right shade, often the hardest part. With more than one shade to pick from, you can personalize it more. Also these blend really well , if you use the new Heavenly Skin One Sweep Wonder Brush or similar you'll only need one pass and a quick blend . Dust on cheeks, forehead , nose .

The new brush, by the way, is awesome. I love  It's brushes and this picks up the right amount of color and sweeps it on easily in one pass.

It Cosmetics Confidence In Your Glow Blushing Bronzer is $ 32

Heavenly Skin™ One-Sweep Wonder Brush is $ 48

Availble at Ulta, QVC and ItCosmetics

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