Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Pangea Organics Body Lotion

Earth Day is just past, but as they say Earth Day is every day and Colorado based Pangea Organics new body lotions fit right in.

These new lotions are just right for the warmer weather we're beginning to have. They moisturize well with  shea butter,  organic sunflower seed oil  and cocoa butter but aren't heavy like a balm or cream might be.  They sink in fast and feel light on skin.

These are all lightly fragranced  and smell herbal , each having a touch of the  plant essence of the listed herbs or flowers on the front of the tube .

Indian Lemongrass with Rosemary is citrus-y and cool , French Chamomile with Sweet Orange and Lavender is slightly sweet  with the apple like note of the chamomile and a little citrus ,  Pyrenees Lavender with Cardomom is full of dry , dusky lavender and a little spice.

These are really effective body lotions,  and it's good to know that Pangea Organics uses organic agriculture to reduce the use of pesticides, fungicides and chemical or synthetic fertilizers , along with no sulfates, GMOs or synthetic fragrances in the formula. You get clean products that also work. 

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Pangea Organics Body Lotions are $ 26 each at Pangea Organics  ,  and Amazon 

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