Thursday, August 18, 2011

Missoni for Target Picks- Makeup Bags and Hat

Missoni for Target  is coming September 13th and with images finally out people are getting excited. There are styles across all categories, but I've picked 2 favorites- the makeup bags ( assorted sizes ) and the floppy hat.

The hat is Veruschka   from the 70s chic and will look great  alongside your trench coat on days when the wind is blowing and a good hair day isn't going to happen  Instead you'll have a chic hat and it won't matter.

The makeup bags come in many sizes and prints and lets face it we all love fun makeup bags. My tip,  think Christmas shopping . These won't be in stores that long so  pick some up now for great gifts later ( providing your giftee hasn't already bought them herself. note-save receipt).

Hat $24.99

Makeup Bags:

Weekender $29.99

Train Case $24.99

Medium Purse Kit $12.99

Cosmetics Pencil Case $7.99

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