Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tom Ford Violet Blonde

Violet Blonde is the newest fragrance from Tom Ford.  From the name, you might think this is for the violet lovers out there, but you'd be wrong. It's actually more for the iris lovers. I love violet and iris, so this is  good.

Violet Blonde is heavy on the iris, using both natural Tuscan  orris root and  butter.  The violet comes along in the form of violet leaf which is less sweet than many violet scents  and more green. Both violet and iris can be powdery and there is definitely some of that here, but  not a lot. I like my iris rooty, thank you. There is also a small bit of the  cool metallic that Iris can bring.

Other notes that play a large part are benzoin and sambac jasmine, cedarwood  and musk. ( Notes also listed as part of the fragrance are  mandarin, baie rose, haitian vetiver and soft suede).

The jasmine gives it a floral heart while the cedarwood and musk bring  a soft touch of woods . All the time though, there is the iris and violet leaf. They remain throughout . This is no , sorry I have to say it, shrinking violet fragrance . It is bold , rich, has great sillage and lasts incredibly well. I rarely divide fragrances into day vs evening, but if I were, this would be more evening. It fits the Ford aethestic of slinky sexiness and a bold red lip.

1.7 oz $ 100.00
3.4 oz $ 145.00

Currently at Saks,  more stores to come in September.

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theminx said...

I MUST try this one!