Saturday, August 27, 2011

Oscar de la Renta "Live in Love" Perfume Ad

I think this may be the best looking fragrance ad in a very long time. Notice it looks different? Illustrated by  David Downton, it's very retro and  has no models, no photo. It's elegant and in these times, unique. Oscar said he wanted just such an ad.  To paraphrase,  he said he couldn't differentiate between any of the models and what perfumes they fronted. He knew their names, but that was it. Basically he is saying , they all look the same , which is true enough. And many don't look that appealing either.

Now I don't  try a fragrance based on the ad and frankly I would try most of them if there were no ads. But I love this ad and would give it the time of day in magazine if I saw it. Good for Oscar for bringing class as he always does.

The new perfume , by the way, will hit stores this fall and is said to be a green floral. It has hyacinth in it, so it's got my antennae up.

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