Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Salty Caramel Candle by Slatkin for Bath & Body Works

 Hands down this is one  of the best smelling candles EVER. Whether it's burning, or just sitting out, it smells so amazing. It's caramel ,vanilla , nuts and toffee. Rich and sugary  and just like what it's name implies.  It's Crunch n Munch in a candle but better.

This is part of the fall line, but there is not a time when this won't smell right. It's too delicious.  Go try it- if you smell it, you will want it.
I see they a have it in a room spray as well. Think that's going on the "to buy" list next trip.

Have you tried any of the fall  Slatkin scents yet ? Any favorites?