Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Body Shop Holiday 2011- Candied Ginger & Cranberry Joy

The Body Shop's Cranberry is probably my all time favorite bath gel ever. I've been using it since it came out which has been at least 10 years I think.  Every year I hope they bring it back and so far they have.

Called Cranberry Joy this season, it still smells amazing and is available in a wide product range as well as those fun gift sets, which I've given as gifts an equally long time , making my friends very happy.

New  this year is the Candied Ginger scent. Candied Ginger is zesty ,  a little fruity and a little spicy - not baked goods ginger like gingerbread.  It's  slightly sweet,  fizzy  and very delish.

Candied Ginger along with the 3rd holiday scent Spiced Vanilla , also comes in  all the great Body Shop products. I'm partial to the shower gels ( $ 8.00),  hand cream ( $ 4.00), lip balms ( $ 6.00 and sooo moisturizing on lips) and shimmer lotions ( $ 12.00), which have just a little shimmer , loads of scent and plenty of moisture. 
Candied Ginger Gift Set $ 45.00

All are made with Community Fair Trade program ingredients.

The Body Shop Holiday will  be in stores and online in November.


Josie said...

I don't really care for the vanilla product line, but I completely adore both the cranberry and the ginger scents! I really whish they were available in perfume oil form...

Beauty Alchemist said...

Josie- The cranberry is so good. SO good and I am loving the Ginger too. It's a good addition. Perfume oils would be nice. They did a cranberry body spray a few years back but it never came out again.