Thursday, October 27, 2011

NARS G-Spot Mulitple & Miss Liberty Blush - Holiday 2011

NARS holiday collection  is called Miss Liberty and features 2 new shades in  NARS products we all know and love- their blush and The Multiple. 

Everyone should have at least 1 Multiple in their makeup collection and  new G-Spot is a great fall to winter shade. NARS calls it gold infused rose, but on me, it's a bit more plummy rose with  little shimmer. It's quite pretty either way and a fast way to add some rosy color to winter pale cheeks but deep enough for darker skintones .

Miss Liberty Blush  is a highlighting blush in a  beautiful, shimmery light  nude/peach. It's very sheer but on  pale skins like myself I can use it alone for subtle color. Of course it goes great over a deeper shade as well , since as the name says, it's highlighting.

Miss Liberty Highlighting Blush $27
G-Spot Multiple $39

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