Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Phyto - Phytokératine for Weak and Damaged Hair

Do you have super damaged hair? Phyto comes to the rescue with their new Keratine line.

When the chance came to try this I was thrilled, not for me for The Mom. She has thin. fine, porous, damaged, double processed platinum blonde hair. She is ever on the search for products to make it thicker , not simply volumize and she has an arsenal she uses.  Despite  the damage etc, her hair always looks good becuase she takes a lot of time and a lot of products to whip it into shape( that's her hair with the InStyler in the picture from last year.) Many she tries work great , plenty fall ,ahem, flat.

Suffice it to say the new Phyto Keratine I think may have made her year. She's already a huge Phyto fan   especially  the Phyto Volume Mousse . The new Keratine line definitely helped thickify  and  reduce breakage which she has major issues with.   Hair was really full and soft but not limp. The shampoo is a thick formula which she always says is key to it really working well. No thin , runny ones have ever gotten the job done.

Ingredients  in the   Phytokeratine line include botanical keratin, hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and pomegranate extract .

Mom made use mainly of the shampoo and conditioner but there is also a repairing serum.

More info at . Buy at Sephora ,

Phytokératine Shampoo $ 24.00
Phytokératine Conditioning Treatment $ 32.00

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