Friday, October 28, 2011

MAC Holiday 2011 Ice Parade Snowglobe Eye Palette in Warm

The Ice Parade  Snowglobe palettes are the stars of MAC Holiday this year in my opinion. Simply because the packaging is just so darn fun. I can't stop shaking mine and plan on keeping it on my desk for fun , well I'll use the shadows too, but then back to the desk it'll go.

The Snowglobe is a the real deal , loaded with silver glitter under the dome .

Inside you get 6 eyeshadows. I have the Warm set .

Shades are :

Gaelic Gold
Magical Mist
Midnight Flurry

Available now for $ 38.00

1 comment:

Paulette Cosmetic said...

I love this palettes !! Think I will buy it, so shimmery, so cute !!!