Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Lancome Gloss In Love - Peach Show

Things are just peachy with Lancome's Gloss In Love in Peach Show. Since this landed on my desk a week ago I've worn it many days. I had heard raves from one of my blogging buddies Musings of a Muse and while we don't always agree , this time I knew she  was onto something.

Gloss in Love is the new-ish  luxury gloss from Lancome .  This is a gloss that glides across lips and feels lush on.  With my shade Peach Glow there is medium pigment. It's not totally sheer but  not deep either. It's a lovely warm shade with shine and  shimmer fire.   I also like using over a rich coral lipliner and blending them together . Alone it's just enough color, not bold but not light.

Gloss in Love is very moisturizing and while it feels like a gloss it's  not super sticky.

Lux glosses are hard on the budget but so easy on the lips. Grab one of these for a summer lip splurge, I don't think you'll be disappointed .

Also  , Gloss in Love features a very nifty opening. You click  a button and poof, up pops your curved doe foot gloss wand. Use, then click it down. No twist cap. Sweet.

Lancome Gloss in Love is $ 27 in 18 shades at Sephoraand

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