Monday, July 8, 2013

NARS Brow Perfector & Brow Gel

Two of the products that got a big debut backstage at fashion week in February were NARS new Brow Pencil and Gel .

Personally I am more of a gel gal than pencil, but you've got your choice of one or both here.

The Brow Gel, shown in Blonde,  is very easy to use and glides right on without any tugging and sets  fast on brows. There is a good bit of pigment here so you don't need a lot . One swipe  does it. I like it's ease  as it works fast to give brows a real boost.

The Brow Pencil , also in Blonde, is lighter shade wise than the gel.  The pencil is a twist up, and to me seemed a bit hard. The Mom, however, who with her extremely sparse brows is the Brow Queen around here, felt that it was just right, the hardness being better to draw on brows.

The four shades of Brow Gel ( $22) are :

Kinshasa-Dark Brown
Piraeus-Medium Brown
Athens -Blonde
Oural -Clear  

The four shades of Brow Perfector ($22) are :

Kalamata-Light Brown

NARS Brow Gel is available on July 15th
NARS Brow Perfector is available on Aug. 1st 

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