Wednesday, July 31, 2013

NARS 413 BLKR Lipstick and Nail Polish

New additions to NARS 413 BLKR line, named for the brand's flagshio NYC locale are coming August 1st.

I love wandering Bleecker St. , just about most anyone who heads to NY does. But I also remember the days I hung out in the Village in the late '80s. In those days Bleecker was the Do Not Cross line. My very savvy friend when we first went said  we can  go to the corner of Bleecker, but we don't go down it .  So it always gives me just a twinkle of amusement at how high end and hot the street is these days. And while I've had people say they wish they could have seen the ungentrified Village ( and it was that cool)  Bleecker St.  is much better the way it is now.

So , NARS 413 Blkr  brings a new deep red- brown lipstick and rich dark blue nail polish to the line.

The lipstick is semi- matte,  and very much the color of fall .  It's full deep pigment.  The nail polish is a pretty blue, one that looked  much different out of the bottle . In the bottle is looks very dark navy , on the nail it's a bit brighter and lighter. The swatch may not be the best but I think you get the idea.

Both  will be available August 1st at all NARS boutiques and

413 BLKR Lipstick is $ 26
413 BLKR Nail Polish is $ 19


Cyan said...

Thank you so much for sharing swatches! Do you happen to know how this nail polish compares in color to NARS Midnight Express?

Beauty Alchemist said...

Hi Cyan.

Unfortunately I can't really say for sure. I don't have Midnight Express to compare it to. Looking at pics online it looks like Midnight Express is a darker , dark navy if that helps ?

Thanks for stopping by, let me know if you do see /get it , and what you thought.