Monday, August 26, 2013

Bite Beauty Cashmere Lip Cream

When I talk about Bite ,  one of my fav lip brands, I often mention the high pigment content . This Summer's  Lush Fruit Lip Gloss is a pigment powerhouse and new Cashmere Lip Creams are as well.

Cashmere Lip Creams are a full pigment matte lip cream in a tube.  Bite says it has 4 times more than the average level of pigment. What's different here is that they are more creamy than most mattes and blendable  for a bit before they set to a slightly powder finish. You don't get dry lips or a  flat looking lipstick.

All the six shades look bold and my shade Sherry certainly is. Sherry is an orange red and generally not a color I gravitate towards. A reddish orange yes, but this is more red. But it's working for me better than I expected. That bit of orange helps.

Cashmere Lip Cream feels very light on lips, and has fruit butters for moisture like many of Bite's lipsticks as well as their signature resveratrol.

The wear time of these is decent but not quite as long as you might expect from something so rich. After an hour , with drinking , I got some fade in the middle of the lips. Within 2 hours it was still  there but heading to more of a stain . Colors this rich benefit  from a lip liner, but I didn't use one . I didn't get much feathering however but Bite does  happen to have new high pigment, long wear  lip liner out as well- Contour Lip Liner.

There are six shades of Cashmere Lip Creams from bright  pink to deep burgundy.

They are available at Sephora  for $ 28 .

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