Monday, August 19, 2013

em Michelle Phan The Life Palette- Beach Life

I think it's probably every beauty lovers dream to have their own makeup line or at least a small collection that they've designed . Well You Tube guru Michelle Phan has done just that with her new line em by Michelle Phan. The line is in partnership with L'Oreal Lux and Phan says on her site that a NY store is in the works as well.

The line is large with lip colors, concealers etc. but the star product is the Life Palette , a large palette inspired by the look and size of a tablet that comes in variations for your life i/e party life , career life and shown, beach life. Beach is a perfect pick for me as  golds and the oranges like the lower right blush are my main groove.

The colors swatched are  some of the shadows from the right hand selections and the blush at the bottom right. I found the quality here to be good but not high end. It's not drugstore either, somewhere in between.  The eyeshadows have  good pigment but the blushes are sheerer than I usually prefer. Also there is some fallout when brushing over the colors and applying.

What surprised me most is the price point. This palette is $ 78 which I think is a bit high.  There is a lot of makeup here ( 36 shades) but there are other large ( ok maybe not this large but large) palettes out there for  less. But I regularly love very high priced items so whether you feel it's priced right or not is up to you.

The Life Palette is a great starter kit for anyone new to makeup , teens and tweens who want to experiment and also might make a great college student gift. They'd have all the makeup they need in one place.

Also , if you order on the website , you can get a small refillable compact . Fill it with whatever colors from the palette you want to take with you. All the colors here are magnetic and removable.

The Life Palette and the whole em line is available at

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