Sunday, August 11, 2013

Vintage Files - Revlon Street Wear

For Throwback Thursday on Twitter I posted these vintage Revlon Street Wear items. I had done Urban Decay the week before & Revlon said yes to seeing these next.

Who remembers Street Wear ? It was a very  edgy, especially for Revlon, line . It was meant I am sure as an inexpensive alternative to Urban Decay and Hard Candy back then and ended up every bit as cool.

The nail polishes were a particular star.  These had ( still have actually) great one brush stroke full coverage. They also have a lot of shimmer. The green one Toad was super unique at the time and still doesn't remind me of a lot of other greens. Gun Metal, the silver, was the one I used I most. It was the most metallic silver I could get then. The pale blue is called Sky.

The pencil is a dual sided one to be used all over. I think I used it on lips mostly. It was a little hard  for use on eyes.

I have a  rather large stash of great, old makeup. This throwback thing is making me delve into it more . Check my Twitter next Thursday to see what I pull out next.  I think it might be time to open the MAC bag.

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