Monday, September 23, 2013

Guerlain Amber Silver Eye Pencil ( Le Stylo) Fall 2013

If you've followed Guerlain's fall launch , Violette de Madame, you've seen  a lot of notice go to the new eye duos ( which are really lovely) and the blush palette.  A sleeper in the line is this new eye pencil , one of five new shades, called Amber Silver. 

Amber Silver is a little different , at least from the multitude of eyeliners I own. It's not just silver but a taupe , deep beige tinged silver.  That's a combo that comes out very pretty .  Think metallic mushroom.

This shade brightens eyes and since Guerlain's eye pencil formula is so soft and silky it can easily be blended in to use all over the eye if wanted. The pigment is rich and one line gets the job done.  It also wears well and is  water resistant . 

Guerlain Eye Pencils are $ 30 each. 

The five new permanent shades are:
Black Jack
Jackie Brown
Deep Purple
Katy Navy
Amber Silver

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