Monday, September 30, 2013

Kushyfoot Fleece Lined Trouser Socks & Tights

One of my fav footwear brands has brought out something I really could use and I bet you can too. Fleece lined trouser socks and tights.

Last winter I managed to find a pair of trouser socks late in the season on clearance that had a brushed sort of lining . They were so welcome for the last bits of cold winter temps. These new opaque Kushyfoots have actual fleece in there, super soft , not too thick and so cozy.

I have a pair of the trouser socks here. They do lack the ridged Kushyfoot comfort bottom but otherwise for any winter days these will be great. They are long, more like a knee hi , as they do come up to my knee so will keep legs as well as feet warm.  They  are thicker than normal but only a little more than a tight and have no bulk.  They should work fine with most footwear.

An extra way to keep tootsies warm during snow and wind chills? Yes, I think I can get behind that.

Kushyfoot Fleece Lined Trouser Socks are $ 5.99  and Fleece Lined Tights are $ 8.99 .

Keep a lookout for the bogo deals, Rite Aid especially seems to run them for a little savings.

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