Sunday, September 1, 2013

MAC Antonio Lopez Face- Coral & Pink

 MAC Antonio Lopez hits counters shortly with palettes for eyes, face and lips. There are two face palettes , one  for pinks,  one for corals . Both are very pretty , although not super different from some of the past holiday palettes in a similar style like Tartan Tale.

These are the palettes that have 2 colors on top and a side slider to reveal a Beauty Powder. Each compact is adorned with a graphic by artist Antonio Lopez.

The Pink compact contains Belightful Iridescent Powder, Pure Feminity Blush and Peaceful Beauty Powder.

The Coral Compact contains Star! Iridescent Powder, Passion For Colour Blush and Smooth Harmony Beauty Powder .

 One of the things that makes these pretty is the finish on the outside. They have a  lacquer box type look and feel to them. Each actual box packaging also has the name embossed on the front.

In all the photos I took a  the pink shade is a little off . It's  a little lighter than my image.

MAC Antonio Lopez is available on September 12 .

The Face Palettes are $ 46 each.

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