Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Lumene Time Freeze Anti Age CC Cream

Sometimes but not too often you find a drugstore brand  product that's  pretty much equal to a higher end one and  in Lumene's CC Cream you've got one .

Granted I haven't tried every CC out there but of those I have and liked, Lumene's stands up well.

Their Time Freeze Anti Age CC Cream has light but good coverage. It's sheer but makes skin look smoother,  more even and gives it a perfected look.  The shade I have is light and it is  pale but it also blends in well .  There is also a medium shade .

It's  moisturizing but not greasy  and that surprised me as there is sunflower seed oil in it. I expected it to feel heavier, but instead it's light.

The SPF  is 20 with both chemical and physical filters with 4 % octinoxate and 0.83 % titanium dioxide. I'd like to see more of the physical blocker in here but at least there is some.

Overall Lumene is a solid entry in the CC Cream category. Perfect to wear alone or over foundation.

You can find Lumene at CVS stores.

Lumene Time Freeze Anti Age CC Cream is $ 14.99

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