Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Bic Soleil Glow Razors

Back before there were a gazillion razor types or maybe just before I was using them all, Soliel by Bic was what I most often used. They always gave a seriously close shave and were well priced. I still use them, rotating with others as well. I'm equal opportunity shaving.

New from the brand are Soleil Glow. They have 3 flex blades and a  new comfort shield head to help stop irritation by distributing pressure evenly while shaving. The strips have aloe and vitamin E for moisture.

These give a very close, easy shave with less chance of nicks, something I had to watch with the older ones, but shave gel is still a must here .

Soleil Glow comes in a pack of 3 and retail is 6.97. Look for coupons and BOGOs though , as I see them  often this time of  year and am pretty sure this week has some sales running.

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