Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Sally Hansen Color Foil Nail Polish

Remember when Minx nails first debuted a few years back ? I loved that metallic look but never managed to get a Minx mani. Then  brands saw how popular it was and came out with their own super metallic nail products.

Sally Hansen's  Color Foil is a new highly metallic line of nail colors, or as they call it " nail makeup".

pink platinum, purple alloy,rose copper, leaden lilac

These have aluminum leaf to give a gleaming, liquid like finish and have deep pigment.  They are meant to be used without a base or top coat to preserve the metal look, but I did use  both on my actual nails ( the swatches here are just color) and didn't think they looked  a lot less metal than the bare nail test. The top coat did mute the shine  a little but bast coat made no difference.   Two coats gives full coverage and they applied smoothly .

I love these, they look fantastic on nails . The purple and pink are favorites but rose copper is very pretty as well and I think the Minted Metal shade, which I don't have, would be a good one too.

Sally Hansen Color Foil Nail Makeup are $ 7.99 each

Titanium Flush
Pink Platinum
Leaden Lilac
Liquid Gold
Minted Metal
Rose Copper
Purple Alloy
Cobalt Chrome
Yellow Gold
Sterling Silver

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