Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Save The Undies With U By Kotex

As women we all share some things without question, one of them is dealing with that " time of the month". That time brings many things, generally less than fun, uncomfortable things  including ruining a perfectly good pair of underwear, sometimes a really expensive pair.

I realize that while it may not be the greatest convo to have, all of us  probably have dealt with the same thing . U by Kotex knows this and has brought out new 3D Capture Core Protection  pads to help you and your undergarments feel and stay cleaner and lock away wetness ( and it does work).  They call it Save The Undies .

After all it's the time of year when a certain Victoria is having her ( it's ?)  semi annual  sale. You definitely want to save those undies, right ?   And you want to wear them whenever you want even with white shorts, not toss them aside once every month for  old, ratty pairs .

 If you're wondering whether the new 3D Capture Core  will work for you,  how about a free sample ? Sign up here at U by Kotex   and you'll get your  choice  of a multi sample pack .

 *This post is sponsored by Kotex, but my opinions are all my own.

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