Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Azzedine Alaia Perfume

Azzedine Alaia after decades of fashion success has  come out with his signature fragrance.

Housed in a heavy deep black bottle with a ribbed top resembling a thread spool this is a rich spicy floral scent.

Smoky ,sweet Patchouli is very dominant with warm spicy notes of pepper, dark plummy fruit and aquatic minerals.  There is a hint of leather and violet also, although they are not listed in the notes.

Soft musks come in and  the woods are very present through the mid point while the pepper stays in all the way. This isn't a strong perfume it's a bit too airy for that, but it has an edge all the same. It's not quite like every perfume you'll pick up at the store.

I love the quote where the designer directed the perfumer that he wanted it to smell like "cold water falling  on hot chalk " , a treasured memory from his childhood.

By the drydown it's a sweet spicy scent with amber in there as well. It stays  bit closer to the skin than the bolder beginning and has light to medium sillage .

It's is a great choice to take you into the Fall months and colder temps.

Alaia The Perfume is $ 150 for 3.3 oz,  $ 115 for 1.6 oz  with body lotion and shower gel to coordinate.

Exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue.

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