Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Chanel Rouge Coco Fall 2015 - Temeraire & Melancolie

A new lipstick for the new season is a must and these two new Rouge Coco's from Chanel are a pretty treat for your lips and seasonally on point.

Meloncolie comes in  the sheerer of the Rouge Coco formulas and is a highly wearable, every day this looks good shade of rosy nude that leans so slightly bronze. It has a good bit of shimmer but isn't glittery heavy . This has good pigment and isn't super sheer. It's far from full coverage but you'll get a nice bit of light color. 

Temeraire is a Rouge Coco Shine minus the "sheer" designation.  It's a berry/wine  red with plenty of pigment and a little sheen and shine. This one gives good coverage in one coat with just a little drag on lips. It's a flattering shade and a good one if you like reds but don't want to go full on strong color. It also is a fabulous shade for Fall . Against camel, grey and of course black it will really pop. 

Chanel Rouge Coco is $ 36 

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