Monday, September 28, 2015

Marc Jacobs Decadence

One look at this gorgeous bottle and you get the name - Decadence. It's big, heavy , detailed and reminds of  the '80s . Decadence was big then and it was fun.

The bottle is a handbag complete with a chain handle and tassel. It comes in a faux hunter green suede box with gold embossed lettering. According to Allure mag, it took over 100 designs to land on the one you see.

I'm pretty into this bottle as you can tell, but I guess  I should mention the fragrance . After it a perfume isn't just bottle alone.

Decadence is a deeper scent with smoky plum notes right off. There's plenty of woods and spicy saffron in there and as it goes on you get some dry, cool iris along with a touch of  rose and jasmine . A very little touch. This is not an overly floral fragrance. As it dries down the amber is very prominent along with the vetiver note . There is still a smokiness along with a touch of a vanilla like note.

By the full drydown the scent loses some power. It's not overly strong at first but just right to my nose. Especially for cooler weather coming. I would have preferred that to linger longer. That's not to say there isn't decent sillage and the sillage lasts.   It's less deep and more sweet but still quite nice with it's richer notes . I am just glad it's not too sweet or fruity or airy. This is a grown woman's fragrance.

Full note list :

Top notes: plum, saffron, iris
Heart: rose, jasmine, orris root
Base: amber, vetiver, papyrus

Marc Jacobs Decadence is $ 70 for 1 oz EDP, $95 for 1.7 oz EDP, $ 28 for a rollerball and $ 120 for 3.4 oz EDP at Sephora, Macys and more. 

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It's look so beautiful!