Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Proganix Quench Haircare

Quench is the appropriate word for this Proganix collection.  For dry , parched hair it's a big help.

The Proganix Quench line uses coconut water , coconut oil , aloe vera and electrolytes to super hydrate and add condition to hair . There is a shampoo/conditioner combo along with two leave ins.

Using the shamp/cond left my hair very soft , very moisturized but still with plenty of body. My hair is normal to slightly dry in some areas so using both along with the leave in was more than I needed in the long run.  I like to use a repairing shampoo along with a heavy conditioner , so  the conditioner goes into the routine .  I liked the leave in as well but will have to see how it goes minus the shampoo.

There are two leave in conditioners, a spray and a cream in a pump. The pump version being the stronger of the two.

For the price point and as someone who leans towards higher end haircare, Proganix Quench performed well and is a great way to get hair into shape without breaking the budget. It's more than many mass market brands but less than salon.

Proganix Quench is at Ulta , Target , Walgreens and more.

Shampoo and Conditioner are $ 9.99 each
Leave In Conditioners are $ 11.99

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