Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Chanel La Creme Main Hand Cream

This may be the chicest hand cream ever.

Chanel La Creme Main ups your hand lotion game exponentially. The egg shaped  container  fits perfectly in  your hand.  Take the top off and  squeeze to get the very lightly fragranced cream out.

The cream itself is light  with a  velvety feel and moisturizes well along with having ingredients for brightening like iris pallida and licorice root extracts. May rose wax,  shea butter and glycerin provide the hydration.  It sinks in quickly but leaves skin feeling softened and moisturized fast. You can tell the difference right away .

Would it be wrong to have this sitting out right next to me at my desk all day ?

Chanel La Creme Main is available now for $ 50 and is 1.7 oz

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