Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Lavanila Elements Vanilla + Earth Deodorant

Lavanila is known for their natural deodorants. Now they have a new line, The  Elements Collection with a blend of fragrances that are tuned into the elements of Earth, Water and Air .

I have Vanilla + Earth which adds patchouli, sandalwood to  the vanilla. Don't worry here  about a super fragranced deo though. The notes here are light  and use pure essential oils. You get the smallest hint of  the notes . It all blends into  a softly spiced herbal scent.

If you're not familiar with Lavanila ,  these are all natural ingredients , no aluminum, parabens or other harsh chemical and no animal testing. They leave under arms smelling nice and last pretty well .

Other scents are  Vanilla + Air - light floral of violet and rose , and Vanilla + Water with chamomile and jasmine.

These are LE and  will be available at Ulta for $ 14 each.

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