Sunday, November 12, 2017

Chloe Absolu La Parfum

I do love when all the holiday fragrance editions start rolling out .

New from Chloe is the Absolu La Parfum edition to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the line.  This is a more enhanced version of the original ,  according to the brand with more Damascena rose and added Centafolia rose. While it still recalls Chloe ,  it  does feel a bit richer and more straight up rose .

 This is very rose, a soft young, clean rose that feels cozy yet light . There is  somewhat of a citrus start,  then the rose comes in . The rose is very prominent but nicely done and not strong.   Patchouli is listed as a mid point ingredient but I get very little of that.  It's there to ground things most likely, but never overshadows the rose.  Vanilla is also mentioned and it's there in the drydown, but again in a very light way.

Chloe Absolu de Parfum  wears fairly close to the skin ( but is not a skinscent), with  medium sillage and lasts well.   It's lovely , if you are a rose fan, as I am. You'll find it easy to wear , especially for day.

Chloe Absolu La Parfum is  $115 (1.7oz) and $145 (2.5oz) at Sephora 

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