Friday, November 10, 2017

Norell Blushing

Norell Blushing is built around the rose.

Each bottle is said to possess over 500 luxuriant petals of the coveted Damask Rose. Remarkably with that much rose in it it's not a straightforward or all rose  fragrance. 

Norell Blushing has a  floral opening , with touches of juicy fruit including nectarine and pear.  It's very rose, but a young ,bright rose , not powdery along with orange blossom and then it gets a bit musky and woodsy with the sandalwood note prominent. In the full drydown, it becomes soft, staying closer to the skin with the rose , vanilla and sandalwood mixing.

It smells like pink , echoing the juice color if that makes sense and is ladylike , easy to wear and casually elegant.

I do also love that rhinestone trimmed bottle, it's very glam and made for display.

$ 150 for 3.4 oz exclusively at Neiman Marcus with a gift set now also available.

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