Friday, November 30, 2007

Bliss Naked Body Butter

On a recent Sephora visit, they told me it was time for my birthday gift as a beauty insider. It wasn't my actual birthday time, but the computer had it listed as such.

The gift was a large travel size of Bliss Naked Body Butter. I had never tried the Bliss butters before, and wow was it great.
Now I know, I am a beauty blogger, how could I not have tried one of the more popular moisturizers out there. Well one main reason is that they still have parabens in them. Yes I use plenty of makeup that must have them, but I ,for the last several years ,have tried very hard to buy lotions that have no parabens. They are out there, good ones too like the Pacifica butters I reviewed awhile back. Drugstore brand wise Curel only in the Ultra Healing version doesn't have them. Unfortunately many great brands do have them, and I do read labels. So thats why Bliss hasn't made it into my lotion use yet.

Back to the butter. I knew the Bliss stuff had to be good, most of their products are, but I was really impressed how quickly this sunk in, no greasiness left at all and it really did moisturize into the next day. I actually liked that it was unscented. It truly has no scent, and sometimes that can be a nice change. It doesn't compete with other scents, or doesn't bother you if you don't need any scent around sometimes.

I remember smelling the Plum one some time back and loving it, so I am now thinking should I get it ?? Plus the new Snow Wonder sounds good too.

Bliss- lose those parabens and you're mine.

Bliss Body Butter available at sephora stores and online, Bliss , department stores.

8.5oz $35.00


theminx said...

I love the Vanilla-Bergamot and Citrus-Sage scents! Yum!

butler yates said...

Seems you like candles. Would like to send you mine - The Oculatum, think you may find them of interest. Just supply ship address and I'll forward to you.
Butler Yates

Anonymous said...

I got it as a b-day gift from Sephora too, love it!