Monday, November 12, 2007

Kingsbury Soaps

One of the fragrant friends I have made thru my perfume love is the lovely Dorothy McCall of Kingsbury fragrances. Dorothy is a super sweet lady, a certified aromatherapist and has trained in Grasse,France. She handcrafts her own candles , perfumes, lotions and soaps. I recently got an order of soaps, and wanted to share how great they are.

Dorothy happily confers with her customers to make whatever they want, and puts much more essential oils and essences into her soaps. Because of this they have some of the most lasting smell of any soap I have tried. Right now I have my Tuberose one just sitting out to perfume the air. After using these, the scent lingers on the skin for a time, something I rarely get with other brands.

Kingsbury soaps are also highly moisturizing, using cocoa butter, goats milk and more to make them extra creamy. She lives in Pittsburgh, PA and knows the value of moisture in the cold.

An extra special touch is the packaging. Dorothy told me simply " thats Kingsbury" when my soaps were placed into gift boxes, loaded with flower petals, potpourri( something else she hand-creates). I bought several soaps for gifts , but of course had to have a few for me. Now I have to decide who gets the boxes too.

Dorothy can be reached via her website. The site has only a small amount of her goodies to view, but an email or call will get you all started.

I think these make incredible gifts and many on my list will getting Lilac or Bitter Orange soaps this Christmas.

The Lilac( Dragonfly and Iris pictured) and Bitter Orange( pictured with seal , and in gift box topped with dried fruit) soaps sell for 6.25 for a large, thick bar. The Tuberose( pictured last) was done in a very limited way, as tuberose absolute is so pricey and she infused so much into these. They sell for 14.00. Far less than many high end soaps, and easily better.

Photos: the alchemist


Aroma in Love said...

Best soaps with intensive fragrance. I sell them well in Germany, my costumers are highly impressed and love them. I personally like to use them too and always have one in the guests Bathing room. A big compliment from one perfumer to the other and greetings to my fragrant friend Dorothy
Manuela Pfannes-Völkel

Beauty Alchemist said...

Thanks so much. So lovely to hear from Germany :)

Anonymous said...

I just want to acknowledge the lovely review that you did of my soaps Diane. What a service you are providing on your lovely site to help us with our beauty quests. Well done!! I wish you every success.

Dear Manuela, thank you for your kind post also. I love your Cupid's Kiss.

Dorothy of Kingsbury