Thursday, November 1, 2007

By Kilian Fragrances

One of the best parts of the recent Sniffapalooza in New York was not only the chance to try the new By Kilian Fragrances , but to meet the man behind them in person.

Kilian Hennessy is an utterly charming frenchman, grandson of the founder of Hennessy Cognac, and LVMH. He made appearances at both Bergdorf Goodman and Aedes de Venustas. The fragrances sold like wild, and they lived up to the anticiaption. They are incredibly well blended and conceived .

There are 6 Fragrances in all, and one Beyond Love is a favorite. It sits at top of wishlist, as it has a well defined tuberose note tinged with what Kilian calls an animalic note that works really well, and that I can't put my finger on. The tuberose of Beyond Love is rich and somewhat tropical, something that Kilian and I discussed . It does seem rarely mentioned that tuberose has a bit of tropical coconutty bit too it, but it does.

The man is extremely knowledgeable about fragrance, both old and new versions, absolutes, oils, synthetics versus natural , and he has studied with many great noses .

The other 5 are :

Taste of Heaven - a woody, green somewhat masculine scent. A bit of the forest in there , as well as ambery rosewood and cedar, inspired by Absinthe.

The notes include: Orange blossom, Turkish Rose, Patchouli, Oakmoss, Lavender and Bourbon vanilla.

Straight to Heaven- On me this smelled like a pathcouli filled cedar chest. Those 2 notes came out the most.

The notes here include: Rum, Patchouli, Nutmeg, Cedar and Rosewood

Love - This one uses marshmallow for a gourmand note and does it well. It's semi-sweet, and a little green.

Notes: Marshmallow, Neroli, Jasmine, Rose, Iris, Musk.

Dangerous Liasons- Another favorite, a sparkling burst of the plum note, but this is not fruity. A bit sweet, and a bit soapy.Notes: Plum, geranium,cinnamon, sandlewood,musk

Cruel Intentions- This one on me was very sharp and soap-like and I was having a hard time with it. I attribute that to the Oud, and Styrax, two notes that I really don't like. Notes: Oud, Bergmot, Rose, woods, Vetiver, guaiac wood, styrax and castoreum.

It is worth noting that these are fragrances which change and are unique . Many smelled completely different to others than me and ones I didn't like were huge hits with many.

Overall though, I love them . They all have incredible sillage which is a huge plus, and last very long, another huge plus. They are pricey but worth it.
Much information is available at the official website

All are 225.00 for 1.7 oz in that beautiful cask.

Refills will be available also.

At Bergdorf Goodman and Aedes. com for pre-order.

Candid photo: Michael Friedlander

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