Sunday, November 18, 2007

Bond 9 Holiday

It's hard to say out of all the holiday collections what I would most like to find as my gift, but this stacked box sampler of perfume from Bond 9 is a front runner. Called the I Love New York Double Decker set, it's a wow, with 50ml bottles of their popular scents.

This year also sees a new Swarovski crystal bottle, in Scent of Peace and the new Saks for Her.
A new candle in West Side joins in as well.
The Double Decker is 1600.00

Swarovski bottles - Saks for Her 550.00,Scent of Peace 470.00
Candle 85.00


Anne Corrons said...

I have never tried Bond candels even if I often look at the store on Bleecker Street. I should, but the candels are very expensive. I 'm used to bring mine from Paris, Dyptique.

Beauty Alchemist said...

Thanks for writing, your blog is fun. I have not burned any Bond Candles yet myself, but they do smell wonderful in the store.

Bon Soir