Sunday, November 4, 2007

Lipstick Queen Holiday

Lipstick Queen has come out with a very limited special purse and lipsticks for the holidays.

"Don’t worry about whether you have been a Saint or a Sinner this year because Lipstick Queen has the perfect holiday item that lets you be both….the Poppy Purse!
Inside you will find a Saint Red the perfect daytime sheer red lipstick during the season and a Red Sinner, the most decadent, ultra-glam opaque red lipstick to party like a celebrity (and look like one too!)

And on the outside this beautiful limited edition Poppy Purse designed by Poppy King in collaboration with Katherine Kin. These purses have been hand printed and specially created for this one time only.
And way after the parties are gone you will be the envy of your friends pulling out your purse (one of only 100) which can hold anything from cash, to keys, to a Credit Card.
It’s the perfect companion for the chic modern life.
So treat yourself or someone else this holiday…
Being naughty can be very, very nice!
Exclusive to Barneys and online at the set is $75 for the special Poppy purse and two lipsticks." ( Available late November)

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